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All you need to test and preview your website on multiple screens with built-in screenshot and annotation tools
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Multi-Screen Preview
Set up a preview space that shows you multiple screens

Seamlessly preview your website on multiple screens simultaneously within an infinite canvas.

  • Use a preset or add your own.
  • Choose one of the many real screen mockups available.
  • Sync scrolling and navigation across screens.
  • Choose from many different layouts to organize your workspace.

The list of mockup screens is updated periodically to include new and popular gadgets.

StackSingle ScreenMobile Workspace
Dynamic Layout
Organize screens your way

Drag and drop screens onto an unlimited workspace for effortless responsive testing and visual organization

Screenshot and Annotation
Screenshot. Annotate. and Share your website in real devices mockups

Snap crystal-clear screenshots of your responsive websites directly within the Canvas. Highlight key areas with intuitive annotation tools, ensuring clear communication and streamlined feedback during testing.

  • Choose a device screen.
  • Click on snapshot button
  • Add comments and scribble on top of the generated screenshot
  • Share with someone or download to your computer
Screenshot and Annotation
Custom Screen
Make any screen of any size you are working with

Customize screen dimensions to perfectly visualize any screen size, ensuring flawless design across all platforms

Custom Screens

Support the developer

While Responsive Viewer is free forever, you can access all the available screens and get rid of ads by upgrading to a premium subscription.

Preview your website on all available mockup devices. Enjoy an ad-free experience.
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  • All available Screens
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